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Categories of Migraines

Generally, when people come across the word migraine, they start imagining of severe headaches. Migraine is a disease just like other diseases across the world which can affect the human body negatively if not detected early enough and well treated. There are various symptoms under each type of migraine such as menstrual migraines, and this can make get confused on identifying what kind of migraine you are suffering from. If you are experiencing a migraine, consider visiting a doctor for health checkup and treatment. The mild symptoms and signs of migraines are ignored, they continue to spread into the body and become resilient of any kind of drug, and this can give birth to other serious illnesses which are dangerous to your health, learn more about menstrual migraines. Before making any decision concerning migraine, it is good to identify the kind of migraine you are suffering from. The following paragraphs will explain different kinds of migraines that include menstrual migraines.

The most common type of migraine is migraine without aura. Migraine without aura is spread across the globe and lasts for 72 hours. Before the migraine without aura occurs, the aura will come to alert you the onset of a migraine. If by any condition you are going to experience more than 15 migraines without aura in a month you have chronic migraines and you are supposed to seek physician guidelines. If the migraine heals, you are going to feel hangover and sensitivity while touching and also being moody.

The other form of migraines is menstrual migraines. Menstrual migraine is experienced only by women. This type of migraine is caused by hormonal changes which will warn you of the incoming menstruation and occur with or without aura. This category of migraine is a bit painful compared to other types of migraines and can last for long.

Abdominal migraine is another category of migraines. Abdominal migraines just as the name suggests they occur on the abdomen near your belly button and can give you a headache. Most of the children in the period of puberty are detected with abdominal migraines, a headache that lasts for less than three days. The medication used by doctors to treat a headache is the same used to treat abdominal migraines.

The other category of migraine is vestibular migraine. If you have experienced any sign and symptom of migraine in the past, then you ought to suffer from vestibular migraine, discover more about menstrual migraines. The vestibular migraines will start showing its signs and symptoms after the headache begins. If you are feeling dizzy and experiencing body imbalance for several days, then you are suffering from vestibular migraines. To sum up, the forms of migraines are discussed in the paragraphs above.