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Main Differences Between Orthodontist and Dentist

You may be here because you have a bugging question in your head that you would like to have answered right away. There are actually many people who do not know the answer of the question in the title. If you have gone to a dentist before, you might know that they treat teeth and problem with your mouth and that is correct. You might have also gone to an orthodontist and they might have also helped you with your teeth and with your mouth. You may now be wondering why they have different names or why they are called differently. What makes a dentists a dentist and what makes an orthodontist and orthodontist? Today, this question is going to be answered so if you would like to know the answer to these things, you should stick around because we are going to reveal it to you.

You usually go to those dental clinics to have your teeth looked at to find any problems or to have your teeth cleaned and that is great. There are also those people who would go to the dentist because they wish to have their teeth whitened or they want to have their cavity pulled out. If you ask a dentist to help you to straighten your teeth, they will usually call their orthodontist friend to help you with this matter. Of course your dentist can handle your braces but they will want you to see someone who can do it better and those orthodontists can do it way better.

The difference of the two is that a dentist deals with your gums, the teeth in your mouth and veins, an orthodontist does something else. An orthodontist deals with correcting and straightening your teeth. As we have mentioned, a dentist can help you to get braces but they usually just refer you to their orthodontist friends. Now that you know the difference of what a dentist does and what an orthodontist specializes in, you will not be confused with them anymore. You can explain the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist to your friends who still do not know such things and they will really thank you for that. There are many people who go to dentists mistaking them to be an orthodontist and to help them with straightening their bite so make sure that you do not fall into that trap.